Monday, June 19, 2017

Naomi is 9!

Naomi had a great birthday! Daddy worked from home so she got to open her presents in the morning with her cousin. She was really excited to open an Amazon box, just like mom and dad.

She only asked for one toy, and the rest was more grown up items. it was kind of weird, but that is something I will need to get used to. So we got her a couple books, an alarm clock, and the Game of Life.

She really wanted flip flops and sandals, which her aunt and grandparents so nicely took care of. She ended up with 6 new pairs of shoes, not counting the roller skates. Her she is all decked out with some of her birthday things.

For dinner she asked for tator tot cassarole, and doughnuts for dessert.

She specifically asked for the candles to be in a circle on her doughnut.

For her activity, she asked to go camping at Grandpa Bob's property. We have to delay that a few weeks, but she is excited to go!
She is growing up too fast!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recent fun stuff

 Recently, my friend hired me to recover the seat cushion that spans a whole wall in her sitting room. She has lived in that house for over 10 years and she had never recovered it the whole time she had lived there. It was starting to get holes and wear marks. I had never done anything like that, but i was willing to try! The hardest part was take the cover off. It even had a zipper on it. It was also kind of tricky trying to get it in my car to get it back to her house, but we made it!

It turned out so great, and it matches her blue piano!

Also this month I reached 400 sales in my Etsy shop! The thing that has been selling the most has been my wreaths. They were very popular for mothers day.

I have been venturing out into the hand quilting world. I recently discover a group that gets together once a month and makes hand quilted quilts to raise month for a local hospital. So I try to go for at least an hour each month. That ladies there are so nice and happy to show me how to do it. They are also really happy to tell me about their great-grand kids! I am probably as old as their grand kids.