Sunday, September 24, 2017

Quilt Fest 2017

 It was a crazy summer but I made it. I have been working a lot on my Etsy Shop and improving that in lots of ways. I have introduced some new items and cleaned up my listings.

But in the mean time, I have started a few new quilts.
Specifically, Quilt Fest was this week and I was able to attend two classes. The first one was called Moroccan Lullaby. It involved some lattice work, but I love the teachers visuals. It was very easy to follow.

I also love the way she quilted her pattern quilt.

Here is the first block I made. I have decided I am going to make some baby quilts out of the blocks.

The next class I took was called Kaleido Medallion. it is all paper piecing. The teacher had a cool computer program where you could plug in the colors you chose to see what the finished product would look like.

Here is what mine will look like.

Here is one of the sample she brought to class. I want to make one like this too. 

Her instructions were very clear too. I am not quite finished with my first block, but I am really close!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The "Green and Orange" Quilt

In 2015, the quilt guild I am apart of did a block of the month for the Quilters Digest magazine.

I was feeling kind of stuck, and not confident in my color choices, so I had my husband, Will, pick them out for me. So since then it has been dubbed as HIS quilt as it was definitely not colors I would have otherwise picked out.

Well, I kept up with the group and made all the blocks. Some were definitely harder than others. But I learned some cool skills, like fussy cutting, working with tiny pieces, and organizing my pieces to keep them straight.

Each block was so cool and different.

Making the border was an interesting experience. With the blocks on point, I had to deal with bias stretch and sewing with the angles. But I love the way it turned out.

After I got the top all put together, the project got put on hold for a year while I worked on other things like Christmas presents.  But my husband would admire each project I would do and then ask when I was going to work on his quilt.

At the beginning of 2017 I decided I need to finish my unfinished business.  So I got it all pinned together and worked on how I was going to quilt it. I wasn't a fan of the way the magazine had it quilted but I wanted to quilt it in a way that would show off the piecing. It took a few weeks but I finally figured it out

While this was all happening, I got a flier for a local art show. I had entered a couple of small quilts into this show before, but nothing big. I decided I wanted to enter this quilt. It was the best piecing I had ever done, and so I worked really hard to make sure my quilting was awesome too.

After I picked out a fabric I wanted to bind it with, I tried a more professional method to get my mitered corners more square. I also hand sewed the binding. The first I had ever done so on anything bigger than a wall hanging.

Here it is getting blocked. Another first for me.

And it is finished!
Here it is hanging up at the art show. By happenstance, I arrived to take this picture when they were doing the awards ceremony. I figured I would stay and see who won because there was a few of the ladies from quilt guild that had entered quilts, and they always won.

I was very surprised when they called my name!

Honorable Mention in the Machine Quilting category. I am so happy!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recent fun stuff

 Recently, my friend hired me to recover the seat cushion that spans a whole wall in her sitting room. She has lived in that house for over 10 years and she had never recovered it the whole time she had lived there. It was starting to get holes and wear marks. I had never done anything like that, but i was willing to try! The hardest part was take the cover off. It even had a zipper on it. It was also kind of tricky trying to get it in my car to get it back to her house, but we made it!

It turned out so great, and it matches her blue piano!

Also this month I reached 400 sales in my Etsy shop! The thing that has been selling the most has been my wreaths. They were very popular for mothers day.

I have been venturing out into the hand quilting world. I recently discover a group that gets together once a month and makes hand quilted quilts to raise month for a local hospital. So I try to go for at least an hour each month. That ladies there are so nice and happy to show me how to do it. They are also really happy to tell me about their great-grand kids! I am probably as old as their grand kids.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recent Special Orders

 These are the special orders I have completed in the last few months.

The rag wreaths are getting pretty popular.

My mom requested a table runner that would be Spring/Summer.

And finally, I had a request for a twin size flag quilt for a Boy Scout Court of Honor. It is huge!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Baby Quilt

I have another cute niece or nephew coming in a couple weeks. This family has lots of fun when the new baby arrives because they don't ever find out the gender till the baby arrives. Then they like to torture the rest of the family for a while till they finally reveal to us the name and gender of the new arrival. Its torture, but it is fun. 

When they announced their first baby I was struggling trying to figure out what kind of baby quilt to make for them. I didn't want to just make some thing neutral. I wanted it to be fun. At the time, they lived a few states away from the rest of the family. So I finally decided to make quilt that was a map of the United States. It was quilted around each state line. It even had tiny hearts quilted around their city and around the city where the rest of us lived. Definitely a test of my free motion quilting skills. 

For their second child I kept with the theme and did a map of the world. It didn't have the country borders printed on it, but I followed the continental borders. The oceans had loads of swirls and drifts in it. 

The child coming soon is baby number three. So I have to follow the theme! This one is a map of the solar system.

It took some time to find a panel that I liked. This one really got me. Yes, its not accurate because it still identifies Pluto as a planet, but I don't care.

I followed the orbital lines then expanded it outward. I loved doing this with my walking foot.

On the back I used some awesome tie dyed flannel. It is super soft and it is the first time I used flannel as a backing.

The next time they have a baby, I might have to find a panel of some constellations, or the Milky Way. I love this theme!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Latest Stuff

December is over, so now I have more time to focus on other things! Like Quilting!

I have been working on about 8 or 9 projects. One of which is this fun baby quilt for the future Baby H.
I have a thing going with this side of the family. Grandma picks out the fabric and I make the quilt. Its pretty fun that way because they let me do whatever I want. 

I found inspiration for this one from one of the many pins on my Quilting Pinterest board. 

I really like the way the polka dots worked into it.

Next, Santa brought me this super cute kit in my stocking so i just had to dive right into it.
 It is my first 100% hand made project. Even the binding is hand sewn which is a first for me.

I worked on it mostly in the car, waiting for kids to get out of school, or in the evening, watching a show.

I love the way it turned out. I am very proud of it. The only problem is that I don't know what to do with it!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Elephant for my Sister

 I have an old, really beat up quilt for my grandmother. It has holes every where and there is no way it could be saved. Well, one day a few months ago, my local quilt shop sent out an email about this...

It mentioned something about turning old quilts into something new. What a great idea! So I made this for my sister for Christmas. I didn't give her any explanation, but she knew right away what it was and where it came from. And she loved it!

(I have plans for another one for someone else who I know would really like it! And if there is enough quilt left, I might do one for me too!)