Friday, September 20, 2013

American Flag Rag Quilt

So here is the not so short version of the story.

On September 11th I decided I should be somewhat patriotic so I got on Facebook and posted a picture of this flag quilt.

I got lots of comments asking if I had made it and one comment saying that they really wanted it! So I started the process of making my own pattern and in my study and research I found that it was already a pattern. So I purchased it to prevent any future copyright issues. While I was waiting for it to come through snail mail I continued working on what I had come up with.  I finished the stripes and couldn't figure out how to do the stars. I contacted the company to see if they could give me a hint while I waited for my package in the mail. They have super awesome customer service and emailed me back the same day with a PDF version of the whole pattern! Wow!  The bad news was that the stars on their quilt were printed on their fabric. They just did a little bit of applique edging to help it stand out. Well I was too far for that.

Lucky for me though I just joined a quilt guild and at the meeting that night I asked for their advice and they gave me a suggestion that I just loved!

I cut out two little squares of white fabric and pinned them to the blue over a grid I drew in chalk. Then I sewed them on using a tiny circle stitch. So when you turn the quilt over you see little white circles.

This is how it looks after washing!

I love it and I hope my customer loves it too!