Saturday, May 22, 2010

Current projects...

So I have kind of been taking a sewing sabbatical.....

Last week I made a bag for my mom's Cricket machine. It was a great learning experience on how to sew with vinyl and canvas together.

I have also been helping a cute friend make some quilts for her daughters bunk beds. A super adorable pink, fushia, black, and green!

I have had tons of ideas and lots of thoughts, but I haven't really put anything into motion.

I did find a new project though. We got new windows so I decided it was a good time to wash the curtains. Needless to say, I found out the hard way that my purple kitchen curtains should not be dried in the dryer. They shunk right up like a wool sweater. Kind of cool looking after, but nothing to put in the windows... So I need to start looking around and decide if I want to do the same idea or take the opportunity to change things up a bit.

Anybody have any good ideas of what would look good in a kitchen bay window with seating in it?

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