Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation is over!

My vacation is over and I diving head first back to work!

First on my agenda is making a cover for a flat screen TV.
The Rose Shop in Sandy has a large flat screen TV that they are using in their green houses for wedding etc. They do not want it to get it scratched by tree limbs or accidentally watered.

So they asked me to make a cover for it.
The tricky part.... it has to be waterproof, sturdy, yet soft so it won't scratch the TV. And it has to fit around the TV stand too - so a very weird shape.
So I did my research. Outdoor canvas was nice, but only water-resistant, not water proof, and not very soft. Clear plastic was definitely water proof, but I would have to find something soft for the inside and then I would have to mess with two layers, plus it rips easily and its hard to sew. But then I thought of vinyl. It was sturdy, and water proof. I went to JoAnns and I found some that had a really soft, almost fleece, lining attached to it. And it came in black! Bonus!

So I got the approval to use that vinyl fabric, took lots of measurement, got to work!

It is done and I am going to deliver it soon. I will take pictures then and post them.

I am so excited! It turned out a lot better then I expected!

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