Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been taking a sewing break to bottle all the veggies in my garden! But now I am back!


Have you ever tried to replace the collar in a worn out, stretched out t-shirt?

I tried my hand at this today... on 3 shirts to be exact. My FIL has 3 shirts from England that would be very expensive to replace. (i.e. 2 plane tickets to England are not cheap!)

So after visiting 5 different fabric stores I finally found white ribbed knit fabric. How is it they can have every color but white? But that is another blog post.

It was really difficult because the shirts are so worn out (they are his most favorite shirts!) that every where I sewed ended up creating more holes when they got stretched as I sewed.
So finally figured everything out on the third attempt. I stay-stitched the collar of the shirt to prevent from stretching. Then I attached the new collar with a zig zap stitch to help it stretch over my FIL's head when he puts it on. And the final tip - while stitching on the collar pull on it so it stretches and the stay-stitching will keep the shirt still so when you are done the collar will lay flat!

They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!
(Sorry - no pictures to post at this time. But I recently discovered that I have enough fabric to make 4 quilts! So hopefully you will see some of that stuff soon!)

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