Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt

Wow! It's been awhile!
I have been busy getting ready for boutiques and working on special orders!

This one is for a lovely girl from Salt Lake. Her favorite past time is going to concerts and every time she does she buys a shirt. This is 67 shirts! Front and back.

It is queen size, double sided. I used a new quilting method called "joining." You can find more info on that here. Once I got a hold on it, it was pretty cool! Plus, it is a really heavy quilt. I think I created some new muscles the last few days, but it helped everything lay flat as I quilted.
I think it turned out pretty awesome!

1 comment:

Lynsey said...

Becky! That is AMAZING! Knits are hard for me to sew on and the fact that you made a whole quilt using knits just amazes me