Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grandma's Quilt

My maternal grandmother was quite the quilter. She was a member of the Quilt Guild (like me!), she taught quilting classes, and made quilts to support the family and to donate to people in wheel chairs. I remember when I was small she came to my house and taught me and my sisters how to make quillows.

She made this log cabin quilt for my mother sometime around 1990, a few years before she died. It is has loved and abused. It seems that one of the fabrics used just seemed to have disintegrated after all the years of use. My mom asked me to fix it but was so afraid to even touch it. It has all of my grandmother's hand quilting stitches in it. I feel like I would be ruining it if I tore it apart to fix it.

So this is what we came up with. Some wall hangings. There was a couple of squares that hid minimum wear and tear so I cut those out, and re-used the original binding to finish the edges. 

I didn't touch the quilting. That needs to stay just the way it is. 

 I love that we could rescue it, and not have it end up in the garbage.

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