Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little projects

 I have been doing a lot of little projects lately.

This is my latest effort to use my scraps. This is what t looked like in progress.

This is the finished product.  I don't have a lot of seasonal home decor, but my door needed something new and I love wreaths.

 One thing I would do differently is not use styrofoam wreath forms. I finished putting the fabric on and hung it on a door knob and I knocked it off and the small trip down to the ground was enough force to make it break in half. Nothing that a little hot glue couldn't fix, but I definitely need something more sturdy.

I am also doing a lot of little project for my quilt guild. Last month we learned about 3D quilt blocks. and this is one of the adorable little blocks I made to go with the project we are doing. It is tiny! Each square was cut to 2 inches square. 

I have also been getting a few custom orders for the boxes I listed on Etsy.  These are for a really nice lady from Canada to put her wool crafty pieces in. They are 14 by 11 by 11 inches. A little bigger then I am used to but they worked out and she loves them! 

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