Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quilt Fest 2015

I learned so much at Quilt Fest this year! I took four awesome classes.

The first one was on landscape quilting. I forgot to take any pictures, but when my project is done I will have a cute little wall hanging with a picture of a cabin with the Teton mountains in the background.

Then there was a lunch time lecture by Lisa Bongean. She owns a store called Primative Gatherings and she does a lot of Wool Quilting. She does some amazing stuff. Maybe I will take a class on that next time.

Here is one of the quilts she has done.

Then I took a class on making a table runner that has a bunch of flowers appliquéd around the edge. I really want to hone in my appliqué skills. I learned some cool things like how to cut out 72 flower petals   fast.

Staples are so cool. 

The next class was supposed to be a lecture on Glamping. (Glamour Camping.) They showed us some  cool projects and gave us a binder full of awesome ideas. That first twenty minutes was cool. 

(Then for some reason it turned into a 45 minute lecture on confidence. Not what I signed up for. But the first twenty minutes was cool!

Finally I took a class on doing Celtic Knot Appliqué.

 This lady does some amazing stuff.

Look at those amazing borders! It must have taken her forever!

I learned so much! I am looking forward to going again next year!

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