Thursday, May 21, 2015

Damask Sage Green and Blue Quilt

One day a couple weeks ago, I was having quilting withdrawals. So i searched through my stash and found some fabric my sister had given to me so I whipped up this beauty! I love my sisters style and I love that I could just grab a handful of fabric out of the pile she gave me and know that it would all coordinate!

It is for sale in my Etsy shop. Have a great week!

Monday, May 11, 2015

HMQS 2015

I love going to the Home Machine Quilting Show each year. This year I took the day off work and brought my youngest daughter with me. She had her notebook in hand and was drawing quilts with me.

This year's theme was "It's Magic!"

I loved these quilts the most.

This is a queen sized quilt made out of one inch diameter hexagons. That is so much work! It is amazing!

This one won a prize right after I left. The next three pictures are the same quilt. and the frame is quilted too! Definitely some magic going on there!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Looking for some inspiration?

I read some blog post somewhere, or some podcast sometime, or something, about if you need inspiration you can just look all around you and just thing of it as a quilt and you will get some crazy ideas.

We recently visited some family in Germany and I loved taking pictures of everything. All for different reasons. Look at that scenery! Look how adorable the kids are! That shot would be great for a Christmas gift for someone! Or even, That would be a great quilt!

I will share some of my inspiring pictures to hopefully give you some inspiration!

Have you ever noticed how cool denim is close up? What great patterns and variations! Even pixil-ated it is cool!

So beautiful!

I loved all the cobblestone! It was everywhere!

 The old castles and rubble.

Look at that roof! It is hard to tell, but the tiles are argyle! 
It reminds me of an Irish Chain.

The walk by the lake.

The church doors! Everything is ornate.

The stone work was everywhere!

Even the spiderwebs in the nasty roadside bathrooms were cool looking!

You can get your inspiration from anywhere. Just open your eyes and look.