Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Finished Christmas Quilt

 Sorry about all the radio silence. Things have been quite crazy around here and I couldn't ruin the surprise! There was 3 boutiques to take care of, a 9 day trip to Tennessee, and of course Christmas!

One of the biggest thing was the annual Christmas Quilt. This is year 2 of making a quilt for one of the sets of parents. My husband's parents and my parents are all divorced and remarried. So that is 4 sets of parents. I don't think I could do it all in one year so I am taking them one at a time.

This year it was Grandma K's turn. I started it in about August with the goal to have it done before December. I had my 5 year old ask them what their favorite color was. I came out a lot more innocent than the question coming from me.

Each star is different fabrics and hues of blue. I quilted all the feathers on a long arm quilting machine and all of the cross hatch lines on my domestic Brother machine.

Merry Christmas Grandma K and Grandpa Bill!

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