Sunday, January 19, 2014

My design wall.

 For Christmas my hubby got me a portable design wall.

I have never heard of these and it is amazing that he got me something that was a complete surprise.  Usually I figure it out sometime before Christmas. But since I had no idea these existed it gave him an advantage this year.
It is basically on side of a tent made of flannel. My friend called it the giant flannel board. I can put my fabric pieces up there and rearrange them how I like. Usually I do that kind of stuff on the  floor and I have to battle the kids not to step on it of get their toys all over it.  Now the kids can play and color and watch Tangled and I can quilt all at the same time. Yea!

I never thought I would have a design wall. I mean a whole wall just for my quilts? That is crazy talk! I have heard that Anita Grossman uses the hallway outside of her New York apartment for a design wall and where she would baste her quilts together.  I don't think I am that brave.

See that quilt on there? It is almost done! More of that coming later!

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