Sunday, November 2, 2014

Busy Week at Boutique and Quilt Fest

Sept 16th-20th was really crazy for me. Besides my usual duties at home I was also participating in a Simple Treasures Boutique and the annual Quilt Fest put on by the Utah Quilt Guild.

For the boutique, I have got set up down to a science.It used to take me 3 hours to get my booth set up and now I am down to just over an hour!  Take down used to take me an hour or more and now I am down to half an hour!

I also changed things up a little bit this time. Will suggested that I use my quilt I made with the Craftsy Block of the Month as my backdrop. Kind of a sampler showing what I can do. I loved the idea so I did it!

Quilt Fest they had all sorts of fun stuff to see and do.

There was a vendor mall and a quilt show that was fun to wander around.They had all sort of fun signs around reminding people not to touch the quilts.

 There was a bunch of awesome quilts. This one reminded me of some of Mary Lou Weidman's work. She was the presenter at one of the luncheons. She used to be a painter and switched to quilting. Her quilts tell stories and I would love to make a quilt like this that tells a story about my family.

This quilt is about a queen size but the pieces are 1-2 inches square. They call it a post stamp quilt because the pieces are the size of a postage stamp.

I took two classes there. The first one was from Linda Ballard. She is a national teacher that teaches a lot of simple yet amazing designs. She also does a lot of quilting cruises. (Another thing for my bucket list!) I took her Curved Log Cabin class. Here is my machine taking a break from working all day. She was impressed with how fast I sew. I guess when I am in a class with a bunch of ladies that can barely walk or see it is easy to be the first one done.

These are her sample quilts.

This blue one reminds me of a quilt my Grandma made for my mom.

Here is out design wall. My pieces are the set of four green ones.

My other class for an appliqué Christmas tree. Here is our show off wall! (My tree isn't up there.) I took a little bit longer to do mine because I bought the wrong kind of fusible web. But th teacher was awesome and had some there that I could use.

Now I just need to finish up my Christmas Tree and Curved Log Cabin so I can show them off!

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