Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tree Skirt and Stockings

 We got our tree  up on Sunday so I can finally show you my finished projects I have been working on.

I have always wanted a real pretty tree skirt but I would only think about it when we put the tree up and by then there is no time to do anything. 

I finally got my act together this year! I found some things on Pinterest that I liked. I looked at some tutorials and come up with my own pattern. I love being about to make things up and be crafty.

The stockings like of evolved from the tree skirt. I wanted them to all be the same, but scrappy some how, and I was short on that kind of fabric.

My fabric stash came to the rescue and I love the finished product!

Now I just need to hang up our stockings with care and hope that St. Nicholus will soon be here!

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