Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mystery Quilt

In quilt guild I participated in a mystery quilt challenge. They gave us one part a month to do and at the end they showed us how to put them together.

We started with this triangle. 

We had to make 4 of them.  This went on for a few months of making randle strips of squares and appliquing cherries. 

Finally they showed us this:

They had gotten permission from the makers to share it with quilt guild and break it into pieces. 

My quilt ended up like this:

In the end they invited the makers of the pattern to come judge our quilts. They had never done anything like that before. I learned a lot about appliqué and what judges look for when they evaluate a quilt. Needless to say I ended up in fourth place (of 4 quilts.) but I think I come to an important conclusion. My style is a lot different than the other ladies in quilt guild. I like the simplicity of my quilt. There quilts were very busy to me. They were very cutsie. But on the other hand thier quilts were very well made. They definitely have superior quilting skills.  

I want to improve my skills. So I am going to find one quilting technique that I really enjoy doing, and work hard on that so that I can master that technique. Instead of bouncing around from technique to technique. So that is my plan. We will see where it takes me. 

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