Friday, December 30, 2016

Quilts for my Kids

 Earlier this year we repainted the kids room so decided that they needed quilts to go with their "new" room. So I drew up two patterns, found a color scheme that went with their room and their favorite colors.

So first I started with Naomi's quilt. I started last spring when I could work on it when she was in school.

Her quilt was very random. I started by throwing out the squares and made sure they were mixed up real good.

Then straightened them up.

Then sewed them together with the sashing.

Then quilted it. I kept it simple with straight lines.

She loved it. 

For Alana's I had a hard time deciding with way the pattern should go. This one has three different squares. Pretty simple. 

This one has 5 separate blocks. it takes more planning, but is funner to look at. My husband voted for the second one. 

So, after bed time during the summer, and after she started Kindergarten, I sewed it all together.

See, its fun to look at!

I got it pinned together...

And quilted it with a bunch of diagonal lines.

She loved it too!

I love how they are different enough that when they grow out of liking to be the same, they can be different, but yet, they still work together with each other and the color scheme in the room. As you can tell, Noami's favorite color is pink, and Alana's is teal blue. They also picked out the colors for the room. I was really surprised when Naomi picked yellow fro her wall color

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